As plants age the decommissioning, dismantling and removal become significant responsibilities. The burden on plant owners is often increased by rigid HSE regulations, which require the decommissioning process to adhere to strict rules.

EMC makes it simple for owners to meet their obligations and provide specialist support to safely mothball plant or decommission and dismantle equipment. Our skilled team can safely dismantle redundant processes and systems ready for disposal. We also help companies comply with environmental requirements and avoid expensive penalties, plus perform approved site shutdown and clearance.


Plant Decommissioning

  • Draining and dewatering site cooling systems.
  • Vent, purging of gas supply systems.
  • Removal and disposal of heavy plant installation, blanking, isolating and make safe ‘dark and dead’.
  • Electrical isolation, tracing routes, testing dead and physical disconnection.


Plant Preservation [Mothball]

  • Gas & Steam Turbines.
  • Generators.
  • Boilers – Heat Recovery Steam Generators [HRSG].
  • Balance of Plant LP, HP Feed Systems, Closed Circuit Cooling Systems and general [BOP].
  • Pumps / motors / gearbox / compressors.


Examples of our work

Decommissioning CCGT 1000MW station

Supply site field engineers to assist with decommissioning and removal of the gas water bath heaters, inclusive of gas feed supplies to Alstom Frame 9E turbines. This project required both mechanical and electrical expertise (1) for safe venting and purges of gas circuits, N2 purge operations, dismantlement, removal pipe sections, open vessels, vent and circulate plant ensuring a safe gas free environment. (2) trace and identify LV/HV electrical and controls supplies, isolate, test dead, cut and removal providing physical gaps therefore removing plant from the responsibility of the owner and handover to the discipline decommissioning contractor in a ‘dark and dead state’.
Decommissioning and removal of large vertical Mather & Platt Axial cooling pumps, and blanking. Assembly of deep shaft pumping equipment and dewater cooling supplies to and from the River Thames.

Preservation CCGT 400MW station
Supplied technical expertise and field engineers to undertake long term preservation of 2 Frame 9E Gas Turbines, 3 generators, 1 Steam Turbine, 2 Heat Recovery Steam Generators. Through research, conceptual design and testing EMC implemented an innovative solution to protect these asset’s and provide full monitoring and control giving the client added benefits of visibility, traceability and therefore demonstrating due diligence to the shareholders and insurers that the plant is adequately protected from degradation.