Mechanical Scopes: 

EMC have experienced  & highly trained engineers & technician to provide support for all your needs, as detailed below.


Mechanical Maintenance Tasks: –

  • Rotating equipment; pump repairs, installation, alignment and commissioning. In-situ mechanical seal changes, gland repacks, thrust and journal bearing inspections/ repair and pump refurbishment /major overhauls. (Maintenance performed on a wide array of plant such as LP/HP Boiler Feed and Circulating systems, Condensate Extraction, Main and Auxiliary Cooling Systems and general Balance of Plant/ Auxiliaries).

  • General maintenance and support activities; valve overhaul, repairs and repacks, pipe work, Filter/ Strainer refurbishment and cleaning, Plate Heat Exchangers, Tube bundle maintenance, hydro testing and installation.

  • HRSG/ Boiler tube leak detection, locate and coordinations of repair scopes.

  • Lifting operations / rigging to facilitate overhauls/ repairs, plant relocation ‘lift and manoeuvre equipment as necessary’. Inclusive of contract management and coordination of CP Lift operations and Appointed Persons.

Outages: –

  • Provide resources to support all mechanical aspects, such as statutory inspection required under PSSR, vessel and boiler entry, assist and coordinate inspection strategies.

  • Gas & Steam turbine outage scopes such as BI & EBI inspections, fitment and management of turning, 3rd stage bucket sweeps, preparation for boroscope inspections- casing plugs, IGV’s, Inlet and Exhaust plenum entries etc..

  • Provide resources for valve overhauls, inclusive of coordination and management of third party contractors for hot and cold trevi-testing.

  • Manage and coordinate weld and NDT crews to support outage needs.

Projects: –

  • Installation of pumps, motor and piping systems ‘general package equipment’ and skids inclusive of site and relocate equipment as necessary.

  • Conceptual design, supply, installation and testing of steel structures and platforms, through coordination and management of third party contractors.

  • Specialist paint and coating requirements, selection and application through coordination and management of third party contractors.