Electrical Engineering Portfolio

Low Voltage switchgear

Low Voltage switchgear installation, design & maintenance


Motor replacements, overhauls & testing

Stator winding partial discharge

Total replacement service electrical installation replacement of hydraulic system electrical motors, isolators cables, controls and testing

205MW air cooler generator stator winding

205MW air cooler generator stator winding – experienced EMC personnel leading a rewind after a stator winding failure.

Bus Bar removal

Generator bus bar removal for large 205 MW core replacement.

6.6kv switchgear maintenance

Electrical engineering of 6.6kv switchgear and testing of external devices.

High voltage motors

Cooling water 850 kW motor removal and installation.

6.6kv motor removal

Cooling water 850 kW induction motor electrical investigation and overhaul. A core fault was identified, repaired and returned to service following mechanical bearing replacement, electrical testing.

Generator rotor removal

Rotor extraction during a generator major inspection.

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Pump Refurbishments

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EMC experience expands from small electrical, mechanical and control installations or repairs such as valves through to gas turbines, boilers and generators overhauls and inspections.

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    Areas we can assist you in

    ● Maintenance Support – We provide experienced Electrical & Mechanical Field Service engineers to assist you with routine maintenance and 24/7 breakdown support.
    ● Major outages, Scopes on prime mover and balance of plant assets.
    ● Equipment refurbishment and overhaul at EMC workshop facility in Essex.
    ● Engineering Projects- new installations, equipment upgrades and improvements.
    ● Consultancy and design.
    ● Equipment compliance.