Job Tracking Software

Why Use Job Tracking Software?

Control & Visibility
Implementing job tracking software improves visibility around jobs and other processes. You can gain a critical understanding of data, such as the exact time used by people to complete a job, and when they are ready for the next one.

Maximising Profits
The information provided by job tracking software makes it possible to understand actuals vs estimated costs. This allows you to optimise your resources.
Plus, job tracking software gives you real-time information on all actual costs, especially when used in conjunction with timesheets, job sheet software & Rate card, or Quotations.

Reducing Inefficiencies
Job tracking software provides the ability to identify inefficiencies in your current workflows and processes. It also helps in flagging potential roadblocks and issues before they become problems. This can save time, money, and valuable resources being non-productive.

Job Allocation
If you do not have the correct data, there is no right way to determine whether your resources are correctly allocated to the job at hand.
Combining the correct data via Job Sheet software, Job tracking via the Dashboard Overview, provides your business with accurate job instructions with an expectation of how much time and money should be utilised. As a result, you can accurately shuffle resources around to improve productivity and control costs.

Using Emails & Spreadsheets

Using the spreadsheet and email approach can become costly and longwinded, especially if the workload spikes, creating an increase in activity. Often staying on top of your work can be time-consuming. Demands from customers as well as questions from the field, absorbing time better spent on more productive activities, made so much more difficult if you’re using Whiteboards and Spreadsheets to job plan and deploy.

Reduce Admin Hours

For any business, delivering and completing daily jobs with employed mobile teams or by using sub-contractors, optimising and managing the job tracking process is critical.

Often not having a well-rounded online system that automates much of the daily job routines can mean more admin time, and more man hours added to the wage bill!

Job Tracking Software That Grows with You!

When we designed FM Planner with job tracking software advantages, we had the benefit of not only having worked in the PPM service sector. We have the added advantage of having designed a number of bespoke systems for companies that currently meet the challenges every day in the building and services sector.

We see FM Planner as a sign-up system that can grow with you, not only as job tracking software but as a core part of any bespoke system you may wish to develop as and when your needs dictate.

FM Planner’s Job systems are designed to take the stress out of monitoring the progress and execution of all activities within a given work day.