EMC Elite Engineering Services has combined power and heavy engineering & process industry expertise. Having emerged from the Power sector our highly skilled operatives are able to support all your business needs, through front- line maintenance repairs, resolving engineering problems and our consultancy services. We also provide support in project management and labour/resources to complete these scopes. During high activity periods such as shutdowns or outages EMC can produce project plans detailing work scopes with quality documentation to include witness and hold points at critical stages, providing supervision along with site support. 

Our clients prefer to have Ex. Power Station personnel which provides a standard of safety, understands the environment, has practical and technical solutions to maintenance, outage and project requirements. EMC also provides these services at a very competitive rate.


Our Commitment to Safety:

EMC regards safety as a proactive motivation of a successful business and places Safety as the highest priority of our business, our beliefs are to eliminate hazards where possible.

EMC have a structured Health & Safety plan and require our employees to meet KPI objectives such as near misses, site inspection, PPE inspections, and tool box talks and to interact with our clients to further improve our systems. The Health and safety of our workforce and clients is the primary objective to the board of Directors at EMC and are responsible for the Health and Safety and seeks independent external safety consultants for any additional guidance when needed.

Our philosophy; Through the way we conduct business, EMC are committed to all our personnel, clients and shareholders ensuring Health and safety is our number one priority and our intent is to demonstrate an on-going commitment to improving standards to ensure personnel remain safe.

We will lead industry by promoting best practices and all off our employees are empowered to stop work to allow evaluation of any safety concerns, we pride ourselves on making Safety our Number 1 priority.

All EMC staff are fully trained and experienced along with an indepth understanding of health and safety hazards and risks that affect our business. We continue to provide IOSH and CNNSG training to our employees