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EMC Elite Engineering Services has combined power and heavy engineering & process industry expertise. Our highly skilled operatives are able to support all your business needs. We provide support in project management and labour/resources and During high activity periods such as shutdowns or outages EMC can produce project plans detailing work scopes with quality documentation to include witness and hold points at critical stages, providing supervision along with site support.

Meet the team

Director & Co-owner of EMC Elite Engineering Services Ltd.

David Lewis

An electrical engineer with over 30 years’ experience of small and large electrical projects ranging from low voltage & high voltage installations, switchgear, motors, large generator specialist, within heavy industries. EMC applies high standards to the customer’s requirements and delivers on time and with budgets. Having many years of power station experience we have the knowledge and can support customers in delivering project management, high safety standards and quality documentation to provide customer technical stratification and delivery of projects.
Providing our customer with the correct application at a competitive cost has brought EMC a close working relationship with many off our blue chip customers.

Director & Co-owner of EMC Elite Engineering Services Ltd.

Jamie Herbert

An accomplished mechanical engineer with a wealth of knowledge and experience on all aspects of mechanical prime mover assets, balance of plant and auxiliary systems. Having worked for many years within the Petro-Chemical, power generation and utilities sectors as part of operations and maintenance teams and also as an external OEM resource and provider have a full appreciation of client needs and expectations. Our primary objective is to build customer relationships, to provide the highest possible level of services to meet and exceed our client’s requirements. Our operating philosophy is through the employment of excellent people we shall deliver our operations and site services safely and to the highest standard. Our goal is to maximise our customers plant operational availability and revenues.

Our Commitment to Safety

EMC regards safety as a proactive motivation of a successful business and places Safety as the highest priority of our business, our beliefs are to eliminate hazards where possible.

EMC have a structured Health & Safety plan and require our employees to meet KPI objectives such as near misses, site inspection, PPE inspections, and tool box talks and to interact with our clients to further improve our systems. The Health and safety of our workforce and clients is the primary objective to the board of Directors at EMC and are responsible for the Health and Safety and seeks independent external safety consultants for any additional guidance when needed.

Our philosophy; Through the way we conduct business, EMC are committed to all our personnel, clients and shareholders ensuring Health and safety is our number one priority and our intent is to demonstrate an on-going commitment to improving standards to ensure personnel remain safe.

We will lead industry by promoting best practices and all off our employees are empowered to stop work to allow evaluation of any safety concerns, we pride ourselves on making Safety our Number 1 priority.

All EMC staff are fully trained and experienced along with an indepth understanding of health and safety hazards and risks that affect our business. We continue to provide IOSH and CNNSG training to our employees

Our Mission Statement

To provide responsive, safe, and trusted solutions to our clients with the highest-quality, most dependable and cost-effective solutions.





EMC Accreditations

● IS0 9001:2015 Approved quality management systems, standards and guidelines for electrical, mechanical and controls services.
● OHSAS 18001:2017 Occupational Health and Safety management systems, standards and guidelines for electrical, mechanical and controls services.
● ISO 45001: 2018 Occupational Health and Safety management systems, standards and guidelines for electrical, mechanical and controls services.
● Achilles UVBN for the following products/services

4.4.13 Power Station Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT)
4.8.2 Electrical Inspection/Testing Services
4.8.3 Mechanical Inspection/Testing Services
4.8.4 Electrical Installation Services
4.8.5 Mechanical Installation Services
4.8.25 Mechanical Maintenance and Repair Services
4.8.25 Electrical Maintenance and Repair Services

● ISNetworld Members.
● Avetta Members in accordance with Avetta Assessed SSiP approval agreement

Emergency Call-Out

Our clients include process plants, power stations, utilities, aggregate production, CHP plants, and Petrochemical. We deliver maintenance, resources, projects, defects, repairs, project management, technical support thought our 24/7 service.

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EMC experience expands from small electrical, mechanical and control installations or repairs such as valves through to gas turbines, boilers and generators overhauls and inspections.

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    Areas we can assist you in

    ● Maintenance Support – We provide experienced Electrical & Mechanical Field Service engineers to assist you with routine maintenance and 24/7 breakdown support.
    ● Major outages, Scopes on prime mover and balance of plant assets.
    ● Equipment refurbishment and overhaul at EMC workshop facility in Essex.
    ● Engineering Projects- new installations, equipment upgrades and improvements.
    ● Consultancy and design.
    ● Equipment compliance.