Project Management


EMC - Project Management

In our experience, projects are typically high-volume activities with financial and time constraints. Health and Safety priorities must be implemented and executed to meet management and business expectations.

We provide clients with planning from conception through execution and completion. The types of projects could be a single engineering task large or small such as a Pump Motor overhaul through to a complete Power Station outage.

Our Commitment to Safety

EMC regards safety as a proactive motivation for a successful business. Placing safety as the highest priority of our business, our core objective is to eliminate hazards wherever possible.

We have a structured Health & Safety plan and require our employees to meet KPI objectives such as near misses, site inspections, PPE inspections, and toolbox talks and to interact with our clients to further improve our systems.

The health and Safety of our workforce and clients are the primary objectives of the board of Directors at EMC. We also engage independent external safety consultants for any additional guidance whenever needed.

Our philosophy; Our culture and the way we conduct business, demonstrate that EMC is committed to all our personnel, clients and shareholders ensuring Health and Safety is our number one priority. We are committed to continuous improvement in standards, ensuring all personnel remain safe.

All EMC staff are fully trained and experienced, coupled with an in-depth understanding of the health and safety hazards as well as risks that can impact our business.

We continue to provide IOSH and CNNSG training to our employees