Project management

In our experience projects are normally high volume activities with financial and time constraints, with Health and Safety priorities that need to implemented and executed to meet management and business expectations.
We know this because EMC have been there on the shop floor through to management dealing with this issues and recognises the requirements and standards that need to be met.

We provide clients with planning from conception through execution and completion. The types of projects could be a single engineering task large or small such as a pump/ motor overhaul through to a complete power station outage.

The project and management activities we can conduct for our clients are:
• Project plans.
• Financial budgets, cost tracking, KPI’s.
• Monitor project progress.
• Technical management and supervisor.
• QA documentation, which can include witness and hold points. These critical milestones are very beneficial to clients for a number of reasons. They allow high risk, critical stages to be viewed and documented to satisfy standards are being met throughout scopes such as GT / Generator overhauls. This also provides clients confidence they are getting value for money relating to work being conducted.
• HSE requirements & audits.
• Details reports.
• Manage day to day activities on the work face and with contract technical and management activities, with providing client feedback on a regular basis
• All these activities can be rolled up into a package where we can deliver and meet our customers’ expectations through regular reporting and communication