10 Job Management Features

10 Job Management Features 10 Job Management Features in the FM Planner system that we thought useful to manage your Field Operatives and the Office functions that support the field activities.  Dashboard The job management features can be used from any handheld device. You have access to the same information as your office desktop. No ... Read more

Unreasonable Customer

Unreasonable Customer Expectations Familiar? The simple fact is, that some customers can be awkward with unreasonable expectations. We hear from our clients all the time that they sit on job instructions and quotes, and then out of the blue panic to get the job started and completed, with no consideration for your business! Ironically, when ... Read more

The Death of Filing Cabinets

The Death of Filing Cabinets A universal truth is that no one likes paperwork  Be Ready for Growth! Before the internet and computers, when storing, saving, and transferring our files and documents wasn’t so easy. There were lines of filing cabinets that multiplied year on year, forming a formidable wall of steel, often used as ... Read more